Hive configuration file

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Hive configuration file

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Raw Blame History. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. PreExecutePrinter, org. EnforceReadOnlyTables, org.

hive configuration file

A zookeeper instance must be up and running for the default hive lock manager to support read-write locks. If this limit is exceeded, the local task will abort by itself.

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Tests may run in very stressed environment, so this number is set very high to avoid false negatives. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. You may obtain a copy of the License at. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software.

See the License for the specific language governing permissions and. Required by metastore server or if the uris argument below is not supplied.

Let hive determine whether to run in local mode automatically.

Setting up the driver configuration file

Disabling this for tests so that minimr is not affected.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to connect MetaStore using the java code. I have no idea how to set configuration setting in Hive-Site. Please help. Change hiveuser to your mysql hive username and hivepass to your mysql hive password.

Here, hiveuser and hivepass are whatever username and password you give for hive metastore respectively. NOTE: You need to have mysql-jdbc-connector. Regarding Hive-site. This is for setting up hive metastore with MySql server installed on localhost. I do not have much idea about how to use this file in java.

But by specifying connection string in java code you can do it as below. Learn more. How to set configuration in Hive-Site. Ask Question.

Setup Hive 01 (Introduction and setup metastore database)

Asked 5 years ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 24k times. Connection; import java. DriverManager; import java. ResultSet; import java. Statement; import org. Path; import org. HiveConf; import org. Active Oldest Votes. Add these lines in your hive-site.A number of configuration variables in Hive can be used by the administrator to change the behavior for their installations and user sessions. These variables can be configured in any of the following ways, shown in the order of preference:.

For example:. In hive-site. This is used for setting values for the entire Hive configuration see hive-site. HiveMetastore server reads hive-site. If the metastore is being used in embedded mode i. The value of hive.

Certain metastore configuration parameters like hive. For such common parameters it is better to set the values in hive-site.

HiveServer2 reads hive-site. If HiveServer2 is using the metastore in embedded mode, hivemetastore-site. In order to override any of the values, create hive-site. Please note that the template file hive-default. The template file has the formatting needed for hive-site.

In Hive releases 0.

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However, as of Hive 0. The administrative configuration variables are listed below. Hive uses temporary folders both on the machine running the Hive client and the default HDFS instance. However, in cases of abnormal hive client termination, some data may be left behind.This document describes the Hive user configuration properties sometimes called parametersvariablesor optionsand notes which releases introduced new properties.

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The canonical list of configuration properties is managed in the HiveConf Java class, so refer to the HiveConf. For information about how to use these configuration properties, see Configuring Hive. That document also describes administrative configuration properties for setting up Hive in the Configuration Variables section.

Hive Metastore Administration describes additional configuration properties for the metastore. As of Hive 0. With the hive.

hive configuration file

Chooses execution engine. It may be removed without further warning. See Hive on Tez and Hive on Spark for more information, and see the Tez section and the Spark section below for their configuration properties.

The default number of reduce tasks per job. Typically set to a prime close to the number of available hosts. Ignored when mapred. Hadoop set this to 1 by default, whereas Hive uses -1 as its default value.

By setting this property to -1, Hive will automatically figure out what should be the number of reducers. Size per reducer. The default in Hive 0. In Hive 0. Maximum number of reducers that will be used.

If the one specified in the configuration property mapred. The locations of the plugin jars, which can be comma-separated folders or jars. Scratch space for Hive jobs. Hive 0. The permission for the user-specific scratch directories that get created in the root scratch directory. See hive. Scratch space for Hive jobs when Hive runs in local mode. Also see hive. Whether to combine small input files so that fewer mappers are spawned.

This parameter decides if Hive should add an additional map-reduce job. The maximum memory to be used by map-side group aggregation hash table. If the memory usage is higher than this number, force to flush data. Hash aggregation will be turned off if the ratio between hash table size and input rows is bigger than this number. Set to 1 to make sure hash aggregation is never turned off.

Whether to rewrite count distinct into 2 stages, i. Added In: Hive 3. This configuration property was removed in release 0. During query optimization, filters may be pushed down in the operator tree. If this config is true, only pushed down filters remain in the operator tree, and the original filter is removed.

If this config is false, the original filter is also left in the operator tree at the original place. How many rows in the right-most join operand Hive should buffer before emitting the join result.The zip archive is referred to as a client configuration file. Each archive contains the set of configuration files needed to access the service: for example, the MapReduce client configuration file contains copies of core-site. Client configuration files are generated automatically by Cloudera Manager based on the services and roles you have installed and Cloudera Manager deploys these configurations automatically when you install your cluster, add a service on a host, or add a gateway role on a host.

Specifically, for each host that has a service role instance installed, and for each host that is configured as a gateway role for that service, the deploy function downloads the configuration zip file, unzips it into the appropriate configuration directory, and uses the Linux alternatives mechanism to set a given, configurable priority level.

If you are installing on a system that happens to have pre-existing alternatives, then it is possible another alternative may have higher priority and will continue to be used. The alternatives priority of the Cloudera Manager client configuration is configurable under the Gateway scope of the Configuration tab for the appropriate service. You can also manually distribute client configuration files to the clients of a service. The main circumstance that may require a redeployment of the client configuration files is when you have modified a configuration.

In this case you will typically see a message instructing you to redeploy your client configurations. The affected service s will also display a icon.

Click the indicator to display the Stale Configurations page. Client configuration files are deployed on any host that is a client for a service—that is, that has a role for the service on that host.

This includes roles such as DataNodes, TaskTrackers, RegionServers and so on as well as gateway roles for the service. If roles for multiple services are running on the same host for example, a DataNode role and a TaskTracker role on the same host then the client configurations for both roles are deployed on that host, with the alternatives priority determining which configuration takes precedence.

Client configuration files will be deployed on these hosts as follows: host H1: hdfs-clientconfig only ; host H2: mapreduce-clientconfig, host H3: hbase-clientconfig; host H4: hdfs-clientconfig, mapreduce-clientconfig, hbase-clientconfig; host H5: mapreduce-clientconfig; host H6: hbase-clientconfig. Although Cloudera Manager will deploy client configuration files automatically in many cases, if you have modified the configurations for a service, you may need to redeploy those configuration files.

If your client configurations were deployed automatically, the command described in this section will attempt to redeploy them as appropriate. View All Categories. To read this documentation, you must turn JavaScript on. Client configuration files will be deployed on these hosts as follows: host H1: hdfs-clientconfig only ; host H2: mapreduce-clientconfig, host H3: hbase-clientconfig; host H4: hdfs-clientconfig, mapreduce-clientconfig, hbase-clientconfig; host H5: mapreduce-clientconfig; host H6: hbase-clientconfig If the HDFS NameNode and MapReduce JobTracker were on the same host, then that host would have both hdfs-clientconfig and mapreduce-clientconfig installed.

A pop-up window with links to the configuration files for the services you have installed displays. Click a link or save the link URL and download the file using wget or curl. Service Go to a service whose client configuration you want to download.

hive configuration file

Click Deploy Client Configuration. Stale Configurations. Viewing and Reverting Configuration Changes. Go to a service whose client configuration you want to download.Prior to Apache Hive installation we require dedicated Hadoop installation, up and running with all the Hadoop daemons.

Hive Configuration

For Installation of Hadoop check this link Once all the Hadoop daemons are working fine, just start Apache Hive installation part. Go to the URL and select the apache mirror download link. Select the Latest version of Hive. In my current case it is hive — 3.

Step 2 Extracting the tar file. In this step, we are going to do two things Placing Hive Home path in bashrc file Placing Hadoop Home path location in hive-config. Giving root permissions to create Hive folders in Hadoop. If it doesn't throw any error message, then it means that Hadoop has successfully given permissions to Hive folders.

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Step 5 Getting into Hive shell by entering '. Hive shell commands Here we are going to create sample table using Hive shell command "create" with column names. Sample Code for creating data base in Hive From the above screen shot we can observe the following: Creation of Sample Table with column names in Hive Here the table name is "product" with three column names product, pname, and price The three column names denoted by their respective data type All fields are terminated by coma ', ' Displaying Hive Table information Using "describe" command we can able to see the table information present in Hive Here it is displaying column names with their respective data types present in table schema At the end, it will display time to perform this command and number of rows it fetched Sample Code for creating data base in Hive For self check 1 Create table product product int, pname string, price float Row format delimited Fields terminated by ','; 2 describe product:.

Functions are built for a specific purpose to perform operations like Mathematical, arithmetic, In this tutorial, you will learn- Join queries Different type of joins Sub queries Embedding custom What is a View? Views are similar to tables, which are generated based on the requirements. We can Home Testing. Must Learn!

hive configuration file

Big Data. Live Projects. Tables, Partitions, and Buckets are the parts of Hive data modeling. What is Partitions?Therefore, you need to install any Linux flavored OS. The following simple steps are executed for Hive installation:.

Java must be installed on your system before installing Hive. Let us verify java installation using the following command:. Generally you will find the downloaded java file in the Downloads folder. Verify it and extract the jdk-7ulinux-x Open root, and type the following commands. Now verify the installation using the command java -version from the terminal as explained above.

Hadoop must be installed on your system before installing Hive. Let us verify the Hadoop installation using the following command:. You need to make suitable changes in those configuration files according to your Hadoop infrastructure. In order to develop Hadoop programs using java, you have to reset the java environment variables in hadoop-env. The core-site. Open the core-site. The hdfs-site.

It means the place where you want to store the Hadoop infra. Note: In the above file, all the property values are user-defined and you can make changes according to your Hadoop infrastructure. This file is used to configure yarn into Hadoop.

Open the yarn-site. This file is used to specify which MapReduce framework we are using.


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